T he modern world is driven by science and engineering, and for there to be people to push forward new advances in science and engineering, suitable education is necessary. The links here are to various sample pages developed by Csharp Dot Com connected with research in astrophysics and education in astronomy.

Brown Dwarf and Extra-Solar Giant Planet Calculator

An object with a mass below about 75 Jupiter masses is unable to sustain the main thermonuclear reactions that normal stars above that mass can perform, and only shine by gravitational contraction, residual heat from their formation, and in some cases limited thermonuclear reactions. These are substellar objects, otherwise known as brown dwarfs or giant planets. The code here is written in FORTRAN with Perl script used to interface it to HTML.

Extra-Solar Giant Planet Lightcurve

A planet in orbit around another star reflects the light from its parent star. The code written in FORTRAN performs the calculations for the type of orbit the user selects. The interface is written in PHP, including all the graphics. A username and password is required to view the output.

Brown Dwarf Presentation

This is a Power Point presentation on brown dwarfs given in 2004 in Heidelberg and Paris.

Introduction to the Solar System

This link gives an introduction to the Solar System, with links to the sun, each of the planets, and other objects. It was developed as part of a Dreamweaver course at the University of Arizona in the spring of 2005.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

This is an external link to a NASA website that shows a picture of a different astronomical object each day.

Click on the red button here to see an applet displaying Jupiter and the positions of its moons in real time.


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