I his page has links to a number of sundry other interests, such as commercial and the philosophies of science and religion. Although on the face of it the philosophies of science and religion may appear to be rather esoteric with considerable intellectual appeal but of little practical value, in fact they are important, because of the differences between faith and science. In science education it is important to know what science is and what science is not, what its limitations are and the epistimology of science. Unfortunately, certain movements in the USA, particularly in places like Kansas, want to obfuscate scientific epistimology. As the economy of industrialized countries depends on good science education, a poor knowledge of science can undermine it.

Christmas 2018 Newsletter

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The Differences between Science and Pseudo-Science

This is a short Power Point presentation on the differences between science and pseudo-science.

Information on Young Earth Creationism

Young earth creationism is a particular dogmatic belief, peculiar mostly to the USA amongst the industrialized western countries, that the whole universe is only about 6000 years old, regardless of the evidence. The link here is to an introductory page that includes a number of further links, including one to a long Power Point presentation on the subject.


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