C sharp Dot Com provides specialist services for the 21st century in scientific, engineering, business and mathematical consulting in a number of programming languages, including when required, interfaces with suitable scripting for the web. There are many services online which provide regular web design and maintenance with all sorts of flashy graphics and icons. Such services are provided here, but an emphasis is placed on designs with a more professional appearance, particularly for the businesses associated with technical, scientific and educational resources.

Whereas many professional scientists and engineers may be able to write very effective computer programs that perform mathematical "number crunching" in their field of experise in FORTRAN or C, they may not necessarily be very adept in using suitable web scripting technology to display their results on the web, particularly interactively. On the other hand webmasters who know how to put together really great websites do not necessarly have the background in scientific, engineering and mathematical programming. The strength of Csharp Dot Com is that there is both an expertise in mathematical programming in FORTRAN, C and C++, and in web programming in Java, Perl, C#, JavaScript, PHP, XML, CSS, VML (with Internet Explorer on Windows only), and SVG, and can link these languages/scripts together on Windows and Linux platforms.

There is also a special interest in graphics, such as using OpenGL, including using it with ActiveX (Windows only), because displaying data in graphical form is such an important part of scientific, engineering and business calculations. OpenVG is an exciting new technology which is currently being investigated.

Click on the buttons on the left or the links at the foot of the page to obtain more information. The green button on any particular page refers to the page currently being displayed, and is not clickable. Contact can be made at the e-mail address below.

Please go to http://cs-cubed.com for contact details.

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