O ne of the main interests here is to display data, including graphics, on the web. This requires writing scripts to interface code running on a server with the web. One of the issues that is important whenever there is a user interface is security. In addition to the links given elsewhere, such as in the science and education section, a number of links for various test codes and scripts are given below.

Browser Generated Spectra

This link illustrates how to generate nice spectra in the browser using JavaScript and Microsofts Vector Markup Language. This is specific to Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher, and will only run on Windows platforms. A PHP version of this would run in any browser.

Scalable Vector Graphics - Animated Text Example

As a better alternative to Microsoft's Vector Markup Language used for graphics, Adobe's Scalable Vecotor Graphics can be used, as illustrated with the example on this link. In addition to built in animation, it has a number of other advantages, including being able to run in several type of browsers. However, a plugin is required, which can be downloaded from Adobe's website.

Scalable Vector Graphics - Color Cube Example

Another example is an RGB color cube, where a face is displayed showing the merging of several colors.

Sample Astronomy Quiz

This is a test example written in PHP that can be used eventually for online quizzes. Such quizzes would obviously be longer and more detailed, and students would have to enter a password or some ID, as well as a possible time limit being imposed.

Flash Animation of a Seven Segment Objective

Steward Observatory's Mirror Lab is a world leader in making mirrors for large telescopes. The link takes you to a Flash animation I created of an objective consisting of seven 8.4 meters mirrors, six of which require off-axis figuring. A Flash player is required to view the animation.

Interactive Java Graphics

This link shows some interactive test graphics performed in Java. Your browser may require a suitable plugin to be downloaded.

Linking Java, C and FORTRAN

This link shows how to link Java, C and FORTRAN code together, and can be very useful if a graphical user interface in Java is required for existing C and/or FORTRAN codes.


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