SVG Color Cube

This has been tested to work properly with Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher
with the Adobe SVG plugin. Although Firefox 1.5 has a built in SVG viewer, the
server is not corrently configured to return the correct mime type, and often other
browsers do not work. You are not using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, so if you
wish to see a set of 256 colored circles above a form, view with that browser and
the plugin.
These 16 x 16 circles are generated using SVG, and represent one
face of an RGB color cube.  The 8 corners and 6 faces of the
color cube are:

Corner                                Face with corner colors

0:    Black                           0:      
1:    Red
2:    Green                                  

3:    Blue                            2:     
4:    Yellow  = Red   + Green
5:    Cyan    = Green + Blue                 

6:    Magenta = Red   + Blue          4:     
7:    White   = Red   + Green + Blue
Click here to see the commented SVG          
source code, and here to see the HTML

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